Monthly Archives: October 2003

Love and Compassion

Five years ago he was kidnapped,
beaten into a coma.
How did he provoke his murderers?
By being gay.

To commemmorate the anniversary
Man of God
Minister Fred Phelps
wants to erect a monument
to Matthew Shepard.
He wants the inscription to read:
Matthew Shepard, Entered Hell
Oct 12, 1998.

Minister Fred Phelps
has a strange way of expressing
how one is supposed to
“love the sinner.”

And while I’m not a member
of his church
I am somewhat surprised
he finds himself knowledgeable
about the condition
of Matthew’s soul.

Meanwhile, our President
George W. Bush
declares Oct 12-18
Marriage Protection Week.
(Even though Matthew
was denied the ability
to live long enough
to offer any threat to marriage.)

It almost seems
they are trying to justify
the actions of Matthew’s murderers,
as if it is ok to kill
if someone happens not to profess
the same beliefs as you.

Hate the sin, love the sinner?

George W Bush declares Oct 12 – 18, 2003 Marriage Protection Week

Is it possible the reason he chose this week is that it is also the fifth anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard? The young man kidnapped and beaten into a coma in Wyoming by two homophobes.

Also in the grand Christian tradition of hating the sin, but loving the sinner, Minister Fred Phelps suggests erecting a monument. The monument is not meant to attack a sin, but instead to attack a sinner, who has been dead for five years no less.

It seems to me that by their actions both Bush and Phelps suggest that through his actions, Shepard deserved to be murdered. Otherwise, why observe the fifth anniversary of his murder with these veiled and unveiled personal attacks?