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From the Archives: 18 eyeballs and a vampire

Poetic News from May 29, 2002 (the very first month of my blog):

I t happened nearby
eyeballs scattered in garden
children ran screaming
father says “they looked like meat.”
eighteen of them, from nine cows.

Transylvanian boy,
worried dead mum a vampire
thrusts dagger in heart.

The number 18 before I started blogging a lot about numerology, and Transylvania long before I named the blog what it is named today. I find this highly significant.



You publish something on the internet. That something is reprinted in its entirety within an essay without your permission. It is reprinted on a hate site. It is being used as an example of the imagined evils of society. You are worried about the type of person who would see this and try to track you down. You are also worried about calling further attention to yourself since while reprinting the entire work is against the law, printing excerpts is completely legal, and they could easily add parenthetical remarks such as (due to threats of legal action rest of work has been removed from essay) which would increase my fears from website visitors.

(I linked to this reprint last week. That link has been removed.)

As true now as it was a year ago

I posted the below quote exactly a year ago:

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline – it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.”

— Frank Zappa

And i made this comment:

I’d like to add the addendum, ‘and it helps if the beer from your country doesn’t taste like horse urine.’ Of course, there would be some individuals who will go unnamed who would query how I know what horse urine tastes like. I write poetry and fiction. I have a creative mind. So I can state with authority, Horse urine tastes (sigh) like the beer made in my hometown.

And in a comment to that post last year, I clarified that I am proud of our horse (or Clydesdale) urine, but when our august family sold the Cardinals, they lost their best asset.

It still tastes like horse urine. But with no other options, I will drink it.

Adventures of an Israeli Superhero

The Golem: Adventures of an Israeli Superhero. A Webcomic. Fresh from the Gaza Strip, superhero team of The Golem, and Lillith, are assigned an even more hazardous duty …. teaching a group of third graders.

(A brief look at past episodes, and I don’t think this is The Lillith, just a woman named Lillith. No demoness properties I can ascertain as of yet.)

The Hebrew word to the right of “Comics” is pronounced “Komiks”. It’s just written in Hebrew letters. That’s what happens when you revive a dead language. You end up using English for new concepts.