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I agree – 100%

98% of all high school English teachers say Bible Study is important. The key, of course, is studying the bible as literature, in order to understand literary and cultural allusions in other work. I read bible stories in English class my Junior year in high school (in a quite liberal public school district).

This of course doesn’t mean there should be prayer in school. These are completely unrelated. And I daresay many in the Religious Right would not have been terribly happy with the way the Bible was taught in my school. But I’m familiar with the references they list in the AP article.

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Art Buchwald

I’m not sure how old he is, but Art Buchwald still rocks!. (In this piece, he talks to Zack the Zealot about the interplay of politics and religion in the filibuster debate.)

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The more things change…

I’ve switched from MovableType to Blogger.

Blogger allows me to keep my blog on my domain, but if you click on the comment link you will find the comment script is on their servers. So my host should be kept happy.

All bookmarks should automatically update.

Let me know what you think. Comments are back.

The more things changeā€¦

I’ve switched from MovableType to Blogger.

Blogger allows me to keep my blog on my domain, but if you click on the comment link you will find the comment script is on their servers. So my host should be kept happy.

All bookmarks should automatically update.

Let me know what you think. Comments are back.

Until it happens to them

A Connecticut High School Student posted a profanity laced msg on his blog directed at the highschool band leader.

He was stripped of his drum major position, and given an in-school suspension.

He went to the ACLU for assistance. Naturally, the ACLU is helping, since this appears a straightforward case. A school ought not to discipline a student for remarks they make off campus.

There appears to be some concern in that while his profanity laced msg contained no threats…there was an earlier threatening msg at the band on a classmate’s blog. So there is an investigation into whether the two students, and their anger, are connected. But it would seem to me to be overstepping their bounds to take disciplinary action until such a connection is made. You don’t punish one kid for something another kid did.

What’s delicious (to my mind) this is not the first time the student has made their views public. He held up a Bush/Cheney placard at a Football halftime show. I think this kid is confused. If he supported Bush/Cheney, how come he went to the ACLU for help? Of course, the ACLU will help him. They’ll help anyone whose rights are being trampled.

There’s an old saying — a Conservative is a lay-off away from becoming a Liberal. The same holds for free speech rights. They’ll insist the ACLU is a bunch of left-wing commies, and that there is no danger of our rights being taken away….until it happens to them.

Benedict Faces First Challenge

Spain is about to become the first European nation to legalize both homosexual marriage and homosexual adoption. (Belgium and the Netherlands have legal marriage, but not adoption.) Pope Benedict the XVI unsurprisingly is condemning this.

I am slightly confused how this is a “freedom of conscience” issue though, as the Vatican is describing it. Spain isn’t suggesting, from what I’ve read, that anyone will be forced to marry someone of their own sex, or be forced to adopt kids with members of their own sex. Those who wish to marry and adopt heterosexually will still be allowed to. So I don’t see how “freedom of conscience” comes into play.

Actually, from my perspective, it’s the “freedom of conscience” argument that leads to laws such as these. But I’m not an RC, and probably don’t think like one.

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

I’m visiting my sister, brother (in law), and their dog in sunny California in a town near Half Moon Bay — El Granada. I walked with brother and dog this morning on a path by “the bluffs”. Damn nice scenic view. Wished I could walk it every morning. There should be a summer camp here — I have the perfect name for it.

Yesterday afternoon a few employees of a major internet company in the bay area (not going to mention the name) dropped by. They were deleting a few sensitive files from my sister’s laptop, since she does some consulting work for them. That took 3 hours because there were a lot of files, and they had to be deleted, and then written over 35 times. Writing over them once, five times, or thirty times apparently isn’t enough.

The IT guy heavily recommended downloading Firefox…so I gave it a try. So far I love it. They actually enable you to add RSS feeds to your bookmarks. All my daily blogreading is now in my bookmarks. It just provides the titles of the recent entries, but it’s still cool.

I’ve seen some interesting businesses in the area. A daycare center for “mildly ill children”. I’m not sure if this means kids with runny noses, or mildly schizoid. I can see a potential market for either one. Yes, I am positive the sign said “mildly”.

I’ve also seen an ad for a Doggie Spa – which uses only natural shampoos. They offer both self-serve and full-serve.

This morning my brother and I stopped at a place called “Poet’s Coffe” prior to the walk to pick up some Chai. Excellent Chai, and the owner is an actual poet. His poetry is up on the walls. The dog was able to come inside with us and she greeted all the customers. If I knew how to make good coffee, I might open a similar place in St. Louis.

Harry Potter Madness in CWE

The below is an email I just received regarding the Harry Potter Release Party in the CWE:

Left Bank Books is having the biggest party in town and one of thebiggest in the Country. Thought you all should know!

On July 15th at 9:00 pm the Central West End will convert into a scene straight out of the Harry Potter books. Euclid Street will be closed from Mcpherson to Maryland and participating stores will stay open or set up booths all relating to Potter madness. If you preorder your book with Left Bank Books you will get 25% off and receive an exclusive gift bag on the night of party.

Other participating sponsors are The Central West End Business Association, The St. Louis Science Center, The City Museum, COCA, The Riverfront Times, Fitz’s Root Beer and St. Louis Cinema.

The Science Center will be setting up a booth dedicated to the science of Harry Potter including potions and magic. The City Museum will take up the craft aspect of the night. They may also include their circus act, more details to follow. COCA will be adding to the performance of the night with actors dressed up as characters from the book to help set the mood even more. St. Louis Cinema is looking into finding space to project the Harry Potter movies on, and other businesses in the area will add their own flare to the night. There will also be face painters, costume contest, beverages provided by Fitz’s Root Beer, give-a-ways and prizes. Duffs Restaurant will stay open and will provide Harry Potter Menus to satisfy any hungry wizards appetite.

Don’t miss out on this! Call 314-367-6731 (Left Bank Books) for more info.


I was going through a scrapbook my mother kept when I was a tot. Below is what I think is my First Short Story. It was written down on 4/28/1975. I would have been 6 and a quarter years old. It’s typed, so my suspicion is I passed this story on in the “oral tradition”.

Once upon a time there were five enormous men and they liked to play in the desert. Every day when they went to the desert they rided on camels. And one day, when they rided on the camel to the desert they played hockey and it rained. And while it was raining they got this problem — they couldn’t talk. The problem solver was going to bed. And two days after he went to bed he had a holiday and they were going to the zoo to see monkees.

That’s the entire story. It needs some work.