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SLIFF: Comedy Shorts

Saturday evening I went to the Tivoli with a group of friends and
watch a collection of 10 comedic film shorts courtesy of the St. Louis
International Film Festival

“AdCorp, Inc.,” ***

A brainstorming session of ad execs trying to come up with a catchy
name for a store that sells items meant for the bedroom, bathroom, and
other rooms in the house. Most viewers will guess fairly quickly what
the end-result will be, but it’s humorously done.

“Handshake,” ***

Animated short about a handshake at a bus stop that goes horribly
awry, with an unexpected twist at the end which turns it from comedy
into horror.

“I’m Sorry, Mr. Reeves,” ** 1/2

A short which I believe was locally produced. Mr. Reeves gets a phone
call from a doctor telling him he will die before the day ends, and
the events unfold from there.

“It’s the Cat,”

Forgettable enough I’ve forgotten what it was about.

“Marvelous Marso and the Case of the Climbing Cats,”

Ditto. Maybe I’m prejudiced against cats, but I don’t think so.

“Mr. Dramatic,” *** 1/2

A woman is set up on a blind date with “Mr. Dramatic”. We quickly
learn how he has earned that nickname. Very well done, with lots of

“Pee Shy,” ****

One of the two best shorts, in my mind. About a scout troup that
annually goes on a hike, and tells ghost stories, and a kid who one
year is so scared, he becomes too shy to pee in public. And how the
tables get turned.

“Perils in Nude Modeling,” ** 1/2

Slightly humorous short about falling in love with a nude model,
though I’m not sure how funny it is beyond the subject matter.

“Two to Tango”

Forgettable enough I’ve forgotten it.

“West Bank Story.” ****

Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story set in the West Bank…with two rival
felafel stands: the Jewish “Kosher King”, and Palestinian “Hummus
Hut”. It’s a musical. I’ve reviewed this short before, and I am
biased, as my cousin is in the starring role. However, watching it
with friends, they were laughing in the right spots as well.

Buy your honey a stone for the holidays

Bill: I passed a kidney stone.
Jimmy: I’d like to own that kidney stone. The ultimate collectible.
Bill: I’ll auction it off on Ebay — the proceeds will go to charity.

Jimmy = Jimmy Kimmel, on his late nite show.
Bill = William “Capt. Kirk” Shatner

As some have said…Ebay does have a policy against body parts, but a kidney stone isn’t exactly a body part…it’s a body product…but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ebay has a policy against that too.

Even if the conversation happened, it’s possible Shatner still considered it a joke.

Go Vatican!

Vatican official refutes intelligent design

The Vatican’s chief astronomer said Friday that “intelligent design” isn’t science and doesn’t belong in science classrooms, the latest high-ranking Roman Catholic official to enter the evolution debate in the United States.

My respect for the Vatican grows by leaps and bounds. (of course, this is just one official. And he’s not the Pope.) Now, all they have to do is say that Harry Potter is okay for children to read.

I’ll let you know what I think of the movie tomorrow, as I will be seeing it tonight.

Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

LA Weekly’s review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire suggests a plot point from the novel has been changed. However, the author of the review admits to not having read any of the books, so he could easily have erred.

All I will say is that a certain plot-string could have been removed to reduce the length of the movie, but this solution is troubling from an overall perspective of the series of novels.

Fans of the books might enjoy trying to spot what appears wrong. I don’t think it will be difficult if you’ve read and remember the book. Though those who have not read the books might wish to stay away from reading the review as it may spoil some plot points.

Google Base

Google Base

Google will now allow you to upload ‘anything’ and label it with attributes for easy searching. It appears to be geared towards classified ads, reviews, recipes, and such. This will likely provide some stiff competition for Craigslist.

They make it clear though they aren’t limiting it to this…and those without websites might find it a better alternative to geocities and other freesites.

There is the standard legal disclaimer saying that material which violates trademarks, copyrights, etc will not be allowed. Which, if strictly adhered to, will make it unlikely to be a spot for such stuff as fan fiction.

I do not BELIEVE this!

Check your driver’s license…Now you can see anyone’s Driver License on the Internet, including your own!

I just searched for mine and there it was…picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security, where is our right to privacy?

I definitely removed mine; I suggest you do the same.

Go to the website and check it out. Just enter your name city and state to see if yours is on file.

After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked “Please remove”.

This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.

Religious Links

Oral Sex at the Synagogue

(this might well qualify for the most sensational headline ever…but the article is a good one about a Rabbi discussing these issues with sixth graders.)

The Bible and its Influence

A textbook on the Bible that passes constitutional muster, or at least has been approved by the First Amendment Center and others concerned about separation of Church and State. It focues on what you need to know from a literary and historical perspective.

Back on October 11, I blogged about
18 Facts concerning Isaac and Madonna

The Orthodox Jewish community was in an uproar because a song on Madonna’s upcoming album was entitled Isaac…and they all deduced it was about Isaac Luria, an esteemed Jewish mystic….and it violates Jewish law to make money off his name.

Here is #17-18 from that post:

17) The member of the London Kaballah Center who speaks in the song – his first name is Isaac.

18) I would find it funny if all the assumptions were incorrect, and the song is actually about him..

guess what?

I want to make this clear. I did not read this suggestion on any other blog or article. I just made a different deduction than what the Rabbis made…and of course the newspapers were reporting on the Rabbinical complaints.

I guess no one thought to ask Madonna the direct question: Is the song about Isaac Luria?

Of course, she didn’t volunteer this information. I think she was loving the press.

Rubik’s World Championship 2005

25 years after the invention, here are the results from Rubik’s World Championship 2005

“Standard cube” means a 3*3*3 cube. Visit the link to see the results for non-standard cubes.

On a standard cube, the quickest time was 12.51 seconds.

On a standard cube, blindfolded, the quickest time was 1 min 46.47 sec — this includes the time the individual took to ‘memorize’ the cube before being blindfolded as well as the time it took to solve it.

On a standard cube, one handed, the quickest time was 23.16 seconds

And on a standard cube, using feet (instead of hands), the quickest time was 1 min 54.97 seconds.

When I was in Jr. High, with my hands, and not blindfolded, I could do it in approximately 1 minute. Who knows, if I had kept up my skills, and continued to practice, I might have been participating in this competition. As it is, I no longer remember how to solve it completely.