Monthly Archives: May 2008

Happy Birthday!

69 years ago today, in Detective Comics #27, a hero was introduced to the world.

Happy Birthday, Batman!

To honor his birthday, you should make an effort to endanger the life of a young child today. Either that, or take the law into your own hands and capture a criminal for the police. Your choice.

Top 15

Below are the top 15 search strings that have led people to my website so far this month (meaning today). Some of the items on this list are constants. They’ve been there for years. Others (such as Vampire Pickles) are relatively new. (My Website = a combination of and

1 6 9.23% drew barrymore
2 6 9.23% drew barrymore nude
3 4 6.15% drew barrymore playboy
4 4 6.15% victor hugo
5 3 4.62% nude drew barrymore
6 2 3.08% –
7 2 3.08% drew barrymore naked
8 2 3.08% drew barrymore sexy photos
9 2 3.08% emily dickinson for kids
10 2 3.08% esmeralda
11 2 3.08% fantasy planets
12 2 3.08% naked drew barrymore
13 2 3.08% planets
14 2 3.08% swiss flag
15 2 3.08% vampire pickles

May is International Victor Hugo Month

You doubt the accuracy of this? Proof. Any arguments? I thought not.

No, I won’t post something every day honoring the life of the great poet, novelist, artist, and politician.

However, to begin the month, since few know he was an artist as well as a writer, I will share one of his paintings.

As well as a link to a poem of his that was an exhibit in the Chicago Haymarket Square Trial – Because today is also May Day/Labor Day for most of the world.

And for those who want to learn more about this great man, I recommend the website Victor Hugo Central.