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I beg to differ…

Blair blogs about Google’s Gmail Web Clips that become Spam recipes or recycling tips, if you visit the spam folder or trash bin.

I received a ‘recycling fact’ today that I feel is not a fact at all. Or, at most, is an inaccurate fact.


There is no limit to the number of times you can recycle an aluminum can?

I’d like to see someone recycle an aluminum can less than 0 times. That’s the lower limit.
And when you recycle the can as a place to store hazardous waste, that’s the upper limit.

Presidential Candidate views on religion

Slacktivist embeds two videos of Obama and McCain talking about Religion and the Separation of Church and State.

I agree 100% with his comments about their differences. Not only do I agree with his conclusions, Obama clearly has given the issues in the relevant section of the first amendment more thought than McCain has. (Note: This is an interview of McCain by Beliefnet…I am certain McCain was given ample time to prepare.)

The medium is the message

Lincoln may or may not have written the Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope.

I’ve written poems on pieces of scratch paper – anything I can get my hands on when the muse strikes.

Shane Johnson, who draws the cartoon My Life in a Cube similarly uses whatever is lying around. And this tends to reflect the theme of his cartoon (post it notes, lined paper, envelopes). You can also occasionally spot liquid paper applied artistically.

Hopefully he gets work done – whatever his work may be.

Watch This

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I purchased something recently that arrived in the mail over the weekend, and that I promised to blog about it.

I bought a wristwatch. I haven’t worn a wristwatch for about a decade. I’ve used pocket watches and cell phones, but I stopped wearing a wristwatch because it was so accessible I was looking at my wrist more often than necessary. (Like 10 seconds after I last did so.) One doesn’t want their friends or colleagues to know how bored they are.

So why did I risk buying a wristwatch?

Well…it’s not just a wristwatch.


It has a USB port. And 4gb of storage space. The idea of carrying 4 gb of backup on my wrist is appealing. If I find my old annoying habit returns, I can wear it in my pocket.

Carcer quod Draco


“A Roman Glass Gaming Die – Circa 2nd Century A.D. Deep blue-green in color, the large twenty-sided die incised with a distinct symbol on each of its faces.”

I’d love to throw this D20 – if it weren’t valued at $18,000.

View it at Christie’s

(Who knew there were ancient Roman geeks?”

For those who don’t know Latin and are freaking out with the subject header…
1) Think of the English word “incarceration”
2) You should be able to find the English translation of Draco in any good Harry Potter lexicon, or on Wikipedia
3) Once you’ve figured that out, the meaning of Quod should be obvious.

Different Units

My height is 33 AA batteries end to end…or 1.3 Alaskan Moose Antler Spans.

My weight is 17 average domestic house cats, or 5.1 CRT computer monitors.

(I’d like to lose two house cats, or .6 of a computer monitor, and if I did, I would also weigh the same as 47 average physics text books.)

I’m not sure how sensible these units are, but they are certainly different.

BBQ wrap-up

I know there is a question on the minds of at least one or two readers:

Did a time traveler show up at the Time Travel BBQ that was thrown on Saturday? (see previous entry)

That’s a problematic question. You see, if I answer that question, it could create a paradox.

  • If a time traveler did show up, and I proclaimed “Hey a time traveler showed up! Here’s a photograph of him! (or her, or it)” Then, 100, 200, 1000 years from now when that Time Traveler is born, they’ll learn they are destined to make the trip to our bbq. They might decide, ‘heck no, I won’t go!” And then they won’t go. Oops! Paradox!

So I can’t say. However, I can say that all appearances indicated that those in attendance, of all species, and of all time periods, had fun.

And at 9:10:11 pm, the moment where a message of some sort was supposed to be delivered by those in the future, at a specific set of GPS coordinate, those in attendance were watching those coordinates.