Monthly Archives: July 2008

In the News

Bill Gates and family held and robbed in family home
Oprah Winfrey announces marriage
Oprah hurt in freak highway accident
Drug-related shooting leaves 2 NFL stars fighting for their lives
Trump declares bankruptcy, attempts suicide

Source: My spam folder

[Note: It’s unclear whether Oprah was in the accident before or after her announcement, or whether any of the other news stories are interconnected in some fashion.]

Update: More Breaking News from my spam folder

Tobey Maguire breaks 2 bones in leg after freak hit and run
Intel announces merger with AMD
More tapes of Scarlett Johansson surface
Britney falls during rock-climbing, injures back and arm

(I think the tapes of Scarlett are of her reporting the Intel/AMD merger news.)

If you get the Sundance Channel

The Academy Award winning short film, West Bank Story will be on the Sundance Channel this Friday, July 18th twice – at 7:30 am and 4:35 pm (Central Time)

It’s probably been there before, but I just got AT&T UVerse free for a month, along with a DVR, so I’ve been searching for interesting things to record. This will definitely be stored on my DVR so I can watch it whenever I want. (Yeah, I own the DVD, my cousin stars in it, of course I own the DVD, but I’m sure there will be times I’m too lazy to get up and walk to the DVD cabinet.)

I will admit.

I will admit I couldn’t have told you that Czechoslovakia was now two countries, Slovakia and The Czech Republic.

However, in January of 1993, when the split happened, I wasn’t beginning my second term as US Senator. And I haven’t been in the US Senate since then, either. I’m not running for President. I really don’t need to know these things.

Hopefully McCain knows that Europe’s most populous city isn’t Constantinople.