Monthly Archives: July 2008

All-Star Game prediction

My method of predicting the all-star game is slightly different from my method of predicting other major sporting events. The numbers the players have on their jerseys is irrelevant.

If I watch the game: the National League has a chance of winning
If I don’t (like I haven’t post-1996): The American League will win.

Bet on the American League. My weekly writer’s group still meets on Tuesdays.

Windows 3.11 will soon cease to exist

This may sound like old news. Really old news.

I remember when I first started working in the IT department of AG Edwards and Sons back in 1998 and was shocked to learn they were still using 3.11. That was 10 years ago. I no longer work there. AG Edwards no longer exists. (They’re now Wachovia, though all the advertising placards say “AG Edwards is now *with* Wachovia” as if to suggest AG Edwards still exists as a partner.)

But while 3.11 hasn’t been available for years in Retail, non-Retail Original Equipment Manufacters (OEMs) apparently could still embed it.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 will no longer be licensed to any OEMs as of November 1st.

Pet Peeve #284

“When she went back on her word, I was literally beside myself with anger,” Becky said.
“So, like David Banner turns into The Hulk when he gets angry, when you get angry you clone yourself into dupes?” Tom asked.
“You said you were literally beside yourself.”
“It’s a metaphor.”
“No. ‘Beside yourself,’ is the metaphor. You added ‘literally’ to it, which means, you’re no longer using it as a metaphor.”
“It can also be used for emphasis.”
“If ‘literally’ is used to emphasize the non-literal, how will we know when ‘literally’ literally means ‘literally?”
“I’m confused.”

Happy Independence Day

to any Canadians who happen to be reading this blog.

I have several Canadian ancestors, though the ancestors of these ancestors were pre-Americans who backed the wrong side in a certain war, the anniversary of which occurs in a few days.

Anyone who has an interest in reading a complete listing of all my known ancestors who immigrated to America – when and from where they came – should read this post on my genealogy blog.