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Does anyone reading this know where in St. Louis I could go to buy a specific Topps baseball card? I’m not looking for a pack, becase I suspect I would have to buy a lot of packs before I got the one card I’m looking for. I can get the card on Ebay, but I would rather avoid shipping and handling fees if I can patronize a local dealer.

Topps recently released a Victor Hugo card. (There’s also a Harriet Beecher Stowe card, which would be fun to have too.). I love the concept of putting these cards in packs of baseball cards for kids to find, and whoever at Topps who is responsible for it, should be congratulated.

Living Will

(Modification of joke I heard in an email…)

Last night my cat and I were sitting in the den and I said to him, ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.”

The cat got up, chewed on the computer cable until the screen went dark, and then opened my refrigerator and drank my beer.

Damn, that cat is smart.

[Not sure if this is funnier, or saddier than the original.]

VP Thoughts

Since I haven’t been writing about a lot lately, I thought I would get in my VP thoughts before Obama makes them moot.

If Obama selected Hillary Clinton, he would make a lot of members of the Democratic Party happy – most of them over 50. He would make a lot of under-40 members unhappy. Most of those between 25-40 would still vote for him, but a significant number of those under 25 would stay home.

If he doesn’t pick Hillary Clinton (regardless of who he picks from those that have been mentioned in the press as being considered) Most of those over 50 who would have thought he made a great choice with Clinton, will think he made the wrong choice. And those under 40 may not be thrilled with the choice he makes, but they will agree ‘at least he didn’t make the horribly wrong choice of Clinton.”

I think Obama can win either way. He regains the older generation he is struggling with now by choosing Clinton, so if the youth stay home (like they usually do) it won’t matter. But otherwise, I am confident he can change the demographics of the vote. (And all the polls that currently show McCain and Obama tied are assuming the demographics remain consistent with the past.)

I want him to win it by not choosing Clinton – but I am under 50. The age-chasm is interesting. I haven’t seen it before to this degree.


Above is Schrödinger. He is a five year old cat who was in need of a temporary home for a couple weeks. I grew up with dogs, and cats are definitely different creatures. For example, dogs don’t try to help you compose blog posts. But Schrödinger is friendly.

Schrödinger is the name that was given to him by his primary human companion, though if I were ever to name a cat, Schrödinger would likely be on my list of potential names as well. If you don’t understand why, Wikipedia should help.

Soundtrack of my Youth

Walking the Berkshires asks the question:

What were the 10 most influential albums of your formative teenaged years? I’m not talking about the ones that defined everyone else, but the ones that to a large extent defined you, and are still discernible musical influences.

Ahh, this is a difficult question. I didn’t listen to a lot of music as a teenager. I know, this sounds abnormal. I was abnormal. I’m much better at saying which books/authors defined me (Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, Anne Rice, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, and Joseph Heller – those pretty much define high school for me.)

High School (1984-1987)

1) Grateful Dead: American Beauty/Truckin’

I hadn’t yet seen a concert, but my sister made me a cassette tape of these two albums. I played it over and over.

2) Tom Lehrer: Songs of Tom Lehrer

His first album, recorded in the 50s. Discovered in my parent’s collection. It would be many years before I was introduced to Dementia and Filking, but I have always enjoyed humor, and Lehrer was an expert.

3) Capitol Steps: Danny Boy

I had several of their albums, but I decided to pick the one they named after the Vice President that made everyone laugh. Enjoyed for the same reason I enjoyed Lehrer. Humor. Political Humor.

4) Eagles: Greatest Hits

One of the first albums I was given as a gift my my more musically fashionable siblings. So the songs have a nostalgic value for me today.

5) Les Miserables Soundtrack

This is a stretch. I was a Freshman in college when I first saw the musical, but I would have been 19, so I was still a teen, right?

I can’t think of anything to add to the list. I know: pitiful.
I would be introduced to a lot more music in my 20s.