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What Did You Learn at School Today (poem)

Are you wondering about the poetry I am writing during National Poetry Month?

Here’s my latest:

What Did You Learn at School Today

“Quote or paraphrase
The classics
And the women
Will fall at your feet,”

I was told
So I approached
The redhead
On the cheerleader squad
And told her

“Even as a cow
You’re lovely.”

Her fist
Told me either
She wasn’t fond
Of Ovid
Or perhaps
I could have
Paraphrased it differently.

April is National Poetry Month

This year for National Poetry Month, I am once again going to attempt to write 30 poems in 30 days. However, I’m not likely to post all of them.

There will be a poem posted every day of April at Generations of Poety – The eZine for Genealogists. None of these poems will have been written by me, but they will all have been selected by me, as I am the editor of this new poetry e-zine.