Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Mess

Poemblaze challenged me to compose a poem using three particular words.  Can you guess which ones?

The Mess

The baby’s diaper
attained the shape
of an igloo.

The exasperated mother
the mess, aiming at
the Westboro Baptists
on the front lawn.

Calmly, she applied
to the baby’s bottom.

Resolutions for 2012

Below are the resolutions (those related to writing) I have set for myself for the upcoming year


I will submit at least one poem each week to a publisher.  (This is easier than it sounds since I have a backlog of poetry that I feel is of publishable quality.  It will , however, require some market research, and the writing of query letters.)


I would like to win another poetry slam.  I won one last year, so it won’t be my first win. This is not completely within my control, but there are several actions that can improve my chances, including writing some new ‘slam’ poems.


I will have JB and the MBS ready for submission by the end of January, and during 2012 I will finish writing its two sequels.  I’ve been revising JB and the MBS for awhile, so finishing it up by the end of the month is doable.  And I am only resolving to complete a draft of the sequels, so this isn’t a hefty resolution either.


By the end of 2012 I will have either TS of TTC, or IKWYT ready for submission.  I haven’t decided yet which one I will tackle. This is my biggest writing challenge.  These are both novel-length.


I will submit something to the 2012 Archon Short Story Contest.  This submission might be one of the sequels to JB and the MBS. (I submitted a version of JB and the MBS to the 2010 Archon Short Story Contest.)