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There is unto me

Something I learned today in Torah Study:

The Hebrew prhase: “Yesh Li” is usually translated as “I have” – however, literally, it means “there is unto me.” There is no Hebrew that literally translates to the English possessive with which we are common.

What does this mean? We possess nothing. Everything is on loan from G-d.

That doesn’t mean I will let you borrow the iPhone that is unto me.

Valentine’s Day 2010

This poem was written two years ago, and posted here.

Inspired by PoemBlaze, I am reposting it for OpenLinkNight

Disclaimer: If a reader assumes a poet performed the actions described in a poem, they are reading on a far too literal level.

Valentine’s Day 2010

The hacksaw
with its layer of dried red frosting
I tossed into the lake.

The body parts
I hid inside long term storage
at the airport.

In silent mutterings
I practiced the patter
I’d give to the police.

She deserved it.

She had used her nails,
painted blood-red,
to scratch my crown.

She didn’t appreciate
my lubricious friction.
Big words for a whore.

Her last.