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Political Compass – 2012

My position on the Political Compass hasn’t changed much since 2007



This is where I am relative to several international political figures

This chart illustrates why many people don’t see much of  a difference  between the US Democratic and Republican parties.

I usually do see enough of a difference to know which way I’ll vote.

Obama has moved further Right and more Authoritarian since 2007 on their chart.  Here’s their chart for 2008’s US Election

Rejection – Revision – Resubmission

The short story I mentioned back in May, which I submitted to The First Line, was rejected by them.

This might actually be a blessing. Several members of my critique group suggested back in May a few changes that the first line restricted considerably. So upon receiving the rejection, I took to revision. The biggest change was from third person to first, which facilitated a few other changes.

I hope to bring the revised version to the group meeting tonight, and then figure out where to submit it to next.


I am a big proponent of writing to ‘constraints.’ I believe the constraint helps to jumpstart the creative juices. However, one must be able to leave the original constraint behind when appropriate.