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Poem Found in My Drawers

I realize this poem is out of season. Found it on a slip of paper in one of my drawers today.

Explaining Only Ruins It

There’s probably something wrong
with the workings of my brain.

I’ve decided to eat antipasta,
while watching Lon Chaney
on the Sunday following Easter.
I’m not even Italian,
or Catholic.

I am a fan of Victor Hugo, though,
and I like Italian food,
so it seems appropriate.

Literally, no big deal

“…Tom was literally rolling in wealth…” — Mark Twain, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 1876.

(And the OED cites still earlier uses. Yes, the OED describes the usage as ‘colloquial.’ They are correct. One should only use the word in this manner when and where colloquial usages are appropriate. However, this is not a new usage.)

I have not always felt this way.